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Track your sales deals, work status and get your sales performance report in super easy web-based online software. You don’t need to install anything just Browser(IE,Firefox, Chrome, Safari or whatevery you like) with internet connection and you can done all this anywhere anytime!

Sales Tracking Portal don’t provide you with complex diffucult CRM system but with essential functionality for you to Achieve higher level of sales management with easy to learn and use. We are against Difficulty but Simple with essential features.

Super Easy

Sales Tracking Portal provides a user interface that very easy to learn and use. We have provided you with only essential functionalities to enable you to focus your time on selling and closing business.

Sales Deal driven

Sales Tracking Portal eliminates all headache complex functionality and get everythings around your sales deals. This make easier for you to focus on tracking your sales deals while things such as Notes and Tasks are driven by your sales project.

sales tracking driven
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Access from anywhere

You can use Sales Tracking Portal on any computer with an internet connection, running Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer web browsers and go Online. You need no software installation or maintenance at all since this is taking care by our professional team. New features and improvements are automatically applied, and are simply available the next time you online and log-in. It’s simply ONLINE SOFTWARE!

Track your Sales pipeline

Track your sales pipeline easily. Create your new sales deals once you initiate one and update its stage along sales cycle.Sales deals are logged with every activities you have done along the pipeline so you won’t miss anything.

Enter ascociated tasks to drive your Sales Deals ahead help you better on track with what you need to do. and instantly know where every sales deals are and what you need to do next to push them to the next level.

sales pipeline
Workgroup sharing

Share with your colleagues

How much time you spent to keep your team synchronized? Sending Email, Telephone call and some short-meeting are cosuming your time and holding you to push ahead your business.

With Full Account, you can have your colleagues with you online. Everythings you and your team have put in Sales Tracking Portal are visible among your team. This help you your team share information in no time, synchronized, and take over job when one is absent easily. That means everyone in your team can also help you tracking your sales deals.

This eliminates various unnessecary tasks and improve your overall team efficiency.

Tasks schedule? Miss no more!

Sales Tracking Portal provides you with Tasks alert to inform you what need to be done everytime you login to the systeam. You can easily manage your tasks and get rid hassel of trying to relate sales deals status with tasks. You can see righ-away about the tasks, its due date, and what deal this task belongs to in a single place.

Tasks Management


Your business at a glance is here. Our Sales Tracking Portal software provide easy to understand and access so you can get the most out of the reports. You can track sales pipeline from Sales pipeline report, Estimate forcast sales volume, or even drill-down to detail of each sales stage. Moreover, closed deals are recorded so you can track back your sales performance and make it better in the futures. Since you logged every activities you made in each sales deals, you know what you did right or wrong.

You can see sales records divided by Client, Product, Territory and etc. This help you illustrate sales aspects in various view.

Bulletin board for your work group

Sales Tracking Portal provided Bulletin Board for you to make announcements to your team. This will be handy tool since you can make request, announcement, share information and whatever you can think about.

You can put announcement priority either its High, Mid or Low and even can make it specific to anyone to your team like Attn in your Fax.

We will integrate this function with Twitter in the future so you can and your team can get annoucement anytime anywhere at your mobile.

Bulletin Board

safe and sucure

Robust, Safe & secure

Becuase your business is essential. We do our utmost to keep your business information is in the safe place. You can confident that your information is safe and secure with us taking care by our professional team. Our platfrom is hosted in one of the most robust and secure datacenter in the world.

Since your data is stored by us, we store safely and backup regulary. You can have peace of mind that your information will not lost even your laptop is broken or stolen.

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